The puzzles that appear in newspapers don't appeal to everyone. But those who like them tend to really like them in my experience. And that's why I cringe whenever there's a problem with one of them.

The Star offers a 16-page section of extra Sunday puzzles and comic strips as an add-on to home subscribers. One of its features is a large puzzle called the Quote-Acrostic, which has two parts. In one, you answer questions similar to a crossword's, and in the other you use your answers to fill in a grid that reveals a quotation.

The problem with the March 31 puzzle is that service that puts it together accidentally combined this week's clues with the grid from another puzzle. They aren't interchangeable.

Compounding the problem: This coming Sunday's book has already gone to press, so it's too late to re-run it there. Next chance would be April 14, which is probably too late (not to mention that the large size of the puzzle would mean the book would have to expand by four full pages or some other strips or comics would have to be cut).

I've posted a downloadable and printable PDF here. It isn't a perfect solution, but at least it makes a version of the full puzzle available.