The lead story in today's paper is about federal charges against two Kansas City, Kan., men accused of taking part in a multi-state dogfighting ring. One sentence in the published version is unclear about an important detail.

It read, "Staff from Wayside Waifs in Kansas City and Great Plains SPCA in Merriam are helping to shelter the animals." A representative from the ASPCA contacted The Star because she was concerned that gave the impression that these two shelters were keeping the dogs in their own facilities.

That isn't the case. Wayside Waifs and Great Plains are assisting with operations to shelter the animals, but they're being kept in a separate location that is not being disclosed.

Shelters always hear from well-wishers who want to help by adopting animals taken from situations such as this, but the ASPCA representative also asked me to make it clear that these dogs are not currently eligible for adoption. It's unclear whether they ever will be adoptable, but that's possible at some time in the currently-foreseeable future.

The online version has been fixed, and there will be a clarification in the paper tomorrow. A side note: The Star doesn't run many clarifications, as opposed to corrections. That's a philosophy I generally agree with, as "clarification" really does have a discrete meaning. If something's wrong, then it should be corrected. But "clarification" is appropriate here, as there wasn't actually an error. The wording may have just been confusing.