A caller just now told me she's certain both crossword puzzles in today's print edition have run before in recent weeks.

I'm not saying I don't believe her, because readers catch most of The Star's errors. But if there really were such a massive mistake in the puzzles, I can't imagine I would only be hearing about it at 10:40 a.m. When there's a minor issue with one of them (and especially in the crosswords), I normally hear from dozens and dozens of eagle-eyed puzzlers as soon as I open my email and turn on my phone.

I did a spot-check of some of the clues, and I did so far find one that's a duplicate. Today's NYT puzzle's 63 across is "Mont Blanc, per exemple." I found that one also in the Feb. 20 puzzle. I've heard from people who regularly work this crossword that it isn't uncommon for clues to show up again every once in a while, though.

If I'm wrong and missing the boat, let me know. Believe me: I understand how important the crosswords are to a ton of readers.