People have very strong opinions about news coverage involving guns, whether they be about laws, criminal shootings, or sales and manufacturing. They often point out details in those stories that look like bias.

An example: The story in today's paper about puzzling out the motive of Kurt Myers, the upstate New York man who shot and killed four people before dying in a gunfight with law enforcement.

A caller I just spoke to pointed to the final paragraph: "Herkimer is a village of 7,700 named for the German immigrant family that settled in the western Mohawk Valley in the 1720s. The economically distressed villages are 2 miles away from Ilion, where a 2-century-old Remington Arms gun plant is a major employer."

"I don't think (mentioning the Remington plant) was apropos to that story in the first place," he said. "With all the controversy over guns and gun rights these days, that information wasn't germane to the topic."

In the context of a straight news story, I understand his point. I've seen no indication that the plant played any role in the shooting, so its mention does strike me as something I'd expect to see from a pundit, attempting to make a connection between manufacturing firearms and gun violence.