How's this for an understatement? The world of publishing in multiple formats seems to get more complicated every day.

A caller just now was having trouble finding a recent op-ed column he initially read in the print edition when he searched for it. He kept coming up with nothing, though he was sure his search terms were relevant.

They were, but the column was by Thomas L. Friedman of The New York Times. The Star doesn't have the rights to reproduce his work on

There's another way, too, though, and I've found a lot of readers really like this option. All subscribers with a Star Plus digital account have included full access to the E-Etar, which is an online facsimile of the print edition for computers, tablets and smartphones. It has searchable archives back to 2007, and it includes everything in print -- photos, graphics and syndicated content. And yes, it also includes the puzzles, and they're printable.