I think I've covered this ground before, but it bears repeating, because many people are confused about what exactly obituaries are.

The Star prints only what families or funeral homes submit in the "Remembrances" section. I've fielded several calls in recent weeks from people asking why something struck them odd about obituaries. Why did one not list all of a person's children by name? Why did family of someone whose military service was noted not choose to run the American flag that's offered free for any veterans?

To these questions, my answer is always the same: Obituaries are intensely personal, and I encourage readers not to second guess what the deceased's loved ones want to publish or not.

By the way, that "no editing" policy extends even to "obvious" errors. I recall once years ago when someone in the obituaries department "corrected" an unusual spelling of a very common name -- thereby introducing an error. These days, the obits run exactly as submitted. That's the right decision, in my opinion.