A reader was extremely agitated at the design of today's Page A1. The editors' priorities in choosing items to highlight "just stink," she said.

She very much approved of the large photo and story about Pope Benedict XVI at the top of the page. That was the no-brainer topic to lead the paper, of course. It was further down the page that she took exception to.

"Why do you have this big, huge photo of some basketball players, when you have this hero, who would have died for this country (Medal of Honor recipient Former Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha) getting maybe one-quarter that size at the bottom?" she asked.

I realize that readers who take the time to reach out to me are probably more engaged with current events than the average population, and they generally want to read more hard news than sports and entertainment. I'm also sure this wasn't the only reader who felt this way, though.