A caller this morning urged The Star to "pay even more attention to the out-of-control murders in this city."

She had positive things in general to say about today's front-page centerpiece on the KC NoVa program, which aims to prevent violent crimes before they happen, in part by conducting sweeps to execute arrest warrants, and also by offering education, drug treatment and other services.

"There's nothing more important for (The Star) to be covering," my caller said. "This needs to be your No. 1 news priority every day until the murders stop."

Other readers have called for The Star to focus more on violent crime. But on the other hand, I also often hear objections from people who think the paper and website overdo it.

"Don't give the criminals the attention they want" is a common mantra from readers, and I understand that too. There can be a fine line between documenting something and sensationalizing it, especially when readers feel the coverage escalates to the point where it raises unwarranted fears in the readership as a whole.