I've heard from two readers today who encouraged The Star to cover today's Right to Life Rally in Washington, D.C., equitably in print tomorrow.

"It would be appreciated if The K.C. Star would carry an accurate but non-biased article on the Right to Life Rally in Washington D.C.," emailed one. "...It would also be appreciated IF the K.C. Star decides to give the rally coverage, not to bury it. Although the position of The Star may not be in agreement, the coverage is newsworthy."

Fair enough, and a common request from supporters of all sorts of demonstrations and protests.

One detail I should point out: The news side's stated purpose is not to have a position on topics such as abortion rights. The editorial board does, but its members' writing remains in the Opinion section, and the board does not attend news meetings, nor does it play an operational role in writing, editing or choosing news stories for the paper or the website.