An emailer just now pointed to a headline on a story on about some GOP leaders who are backing plans to change how Electoral College votes are awarded, possibly making them proportional instead of winner-takes-all.

There's nothing new at all here. All political parties consistently advocate change to the system, and it's self-evident that they want to do so to gain political advantage.

The headline on this story (as of 11:09 a.m.) is the problem: "GOP wants election law change to make it easier for them to win."

Is it factual in that form? Yes. Does it sound biased and too simplistic subjectively? I'd say yes there, too.

What's new about any political party wanting to change something to get more votes? Why else would a party -- whose sole purpose is to support its candidates -- advocate for change for any reason other than to get votes?

And many Democrats argued for such a change after the 2000 election of George W. Bush with a split between the Electoral College and popular votes. It's not novel to any one party or ideology.

I've suggested to the Web editors to come up with a more neutral headline.

UPDATE: It's now "GOP wants election law changes to get more votes." I think "GOP promotes Electoral College changes" or something similar would be better.