I spoke with a caller this morning who criticized the level of detail in a story that led the Local section and has been playing on the front page of KansasCity.com all day.

The story is grim. It concerns new details in the ongoing torture and sex trafficking case against Edward Bagley and related charges against his wife Marilyn. At the time of Edward's indictment in 2010, U.S. Attorney Beth Phillips wrote that the allegations against him were "among the most horrific ever prosecuted in this district."

I will spare you the details of the acts Bagley is accused of, but they're in the link above. They're something I think most readers would find extremely troubling.

On one hand, I think one could argue that knowing the full extent of what Bagley is being charged with is essential to understanding the case.

But I also fully understand why my caller didn't want to read about them in such detail. The line between informative and too graphic for a general audience is blurry, and I doubt many people would agree on where it should be drawn.