The various stories about the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide have been the most popular items all week on But popularity isn't necessarily the driving factor in deciding what's important, and this emailer says "enough." some point you have to stop with this intense coverage of the murder-suicide by the Chief's player. The article on the sports page by Tony Rizzo is a prime example. There is no real news in this story, just endless speculation and interviews with people not connected to the family about what happens to this baby. There are many babies and children in this city that have had the same thing happen and who will not have anywhere near the resources/money that this child will have. The paper reminds me of that mindless TV show "Entertainment Tonight."

I'm not sure I agree that the story about custody laws is just speculation myself, but I do get this emailer's overall point. The line between satisfying readers' curiosity about such an unusual and narratively compelling story and keeping the events in perspective in regards to their actual news value is a highly subjective one. I've heard from others with different viewpoints as well, and may visit the topic for a column.