Email I received just now about a story at the top of today's front page in the print edition - "Israeli strike on Gaza heightens fear of war:"

I take strong offense to your headline in this morning's newspaper. Why didn't the headline read 'Continued Rocket Barrage By Hamas on Israel Heightens Fear of War' ? Your headline blames the victim for defending herself. ... Your headline conceals the truth of the matter and creates the impression/belief that Israel is the aggressor when the reality is the exact opposite. Furthermore, Hamas rockets have been bombarding Israel daily in the least few months with NO outrage in your paper and NO page one headlines. Why is this? Why is it only news when Israel decides to defend herself?

This reflects a criticism I hear fairly often -- that Palestinian attacks, regardless of their size or intensity -- don't receive the attention that Israel's do. Compounding this is the fact that The Star, like almost all regional papers these days, doesn't cover international events in print as closely as in years past, instead focusing more on the Kansas City area. One side effect of this otherwise logical approach (to my mind, anyway) is that it tends to amplify the perceived importance of whatever international stories do make it to the print edition. I understand the impression this reader takes from the headline.