A caller this morning wanted to express her disappointment with the past two days' front pages in the print edition. In part:

I don't know why The Star's editors feel the need to use the front page with not just one, but two days' worth of articles about the Chiefs. There's a whole sports section in there, so why don't they use that and keep the front page for the real news?

That's a point of view I expected to hear, frankly, as it's an evergreen among the people contacting me. It's also an interesting dichotomy, because stories about the Chiefs always get a lot of readership both in print and online. As one editor at the morning critique noted, Kansas City loves to hate the Chiefs when they're doing badly -- and the opposite is true when they're on a winning streak.

Reader opinions on what a general-interest publication such as The Star should focus on are always all over the map, so I know not everyone will agree that this Chiefs coverage was over the top. But I understand those who do.