One of the more common requests I get from readers is for help contacting people who are featured in news stories, or who write letters to the editor. One example, from a woman who lives out of state. She'd heard news about a former friend of hers in the area who's recently had trouble with law enforcement over her attempts to help control the feral cat population:

I didn't know she was in Liberty. I used to go to church there. I'm going to see if I can find her on Facebook. I want to help this lady. She's an angel here on earth doing a good thing, and people are making her out to be some kind of a kook. If you can find out where i can write to her...please could you let me know?

It seems that this reader's heart is in the right place, but I had to tell her the usual: The Star can't give out the personal contact information of news subjects.

People who send letters to the Opinion section sometimes tell me other readers have used their names and cities to look them up, sometimes to express, well, let's call it unkind feedback about those letters. (I'm sure some of them get kudos as well, by the way.)

At any rate, it's a longstanding policy I agree with. And I also understand why it can be frustrating, especially for people who have good intentions.