I think we've all had enough politics lately -- so how about this reader's concern about fairness in the Sports section?

Why is it that with all of the sports in Kansas City, you neglect to report on the Missouri Comets? There are our indoor soccer team if you didn't know. Friday night they had a freaking awesome comeback game, and (neither) the tv stations nor The KC Star reported anything about it. The Missouri Mavs played Saturday night and lost, but yet they had a picture in your paper. If your wanting to have a "fair" paper, I suggest you report fairly. The Mavs were reported, Sporting KC was reported, college games were reported. But the only print I saw in the entire paper was the schedule. If you want to be fair, then be fair.

There's actually a small "Comets Report" on Page B7 today, but he's right otherwise.

And trust me -- the irony that losing teams such as the Royals and the Chiefs still get big coverage isn't lost on other readers.

The whole subject is chicken-and-egg to a degree, of course, but I understand fans of less-popular sports who feel slighted.