An observation from an emailer just now:

The headline, "Last-minute expenditure for Akin has Kansas City fingerprints," above Dave Helling's online article seems a little harsh to me. The word "fingerprints" has the implication of shadiness, criminality or uncleanliness, yet these PACs operate totally within the law. I liked Dave Helling's piece; PACs are complicated organizations. But perhaps "Kansas City Connection" would be a better choice of words for the headline, especially since I doubt any article would have the headline, "Claire McCaskill's Fingerprints on Husband's Government Contracts."

To be honest, I hadn't drawn that connection, but I can see how a fair-minded person might make it. This is a good example of how some readers can perceive something subjectively and see intent, regardless of whether it's intended or not. It's a decent point to ponder.