I don't usually bring up reader points that I disagree with, because I just don't think that's a good position for me to be in. But I made someone extremely angry this morning, and so I'll air his point here.

A "Blog Bit" at the top of today's editorial page reads:

Four words may determine the outcome of the presidential election next Tuesday. Which four words remains to be seen. Will it be "You didn’t build that," by President Barack Obama? Or will it be "Let Detroit go bankrupt," by Mitt Romney? We will know next week. - George Harris, former Kansas City Star Midwestern Voices contributing columnist, on voices.kansascity.com

My emailer insists that's wrong, because it inaccurately quotes Mitt Romney.

Romney famously penned a 2008 guest column for The New York Times under that headline.

Not fair, says the emailer. Romney didn't write the headline himself, so it shouldn't be used in the Blog Bit.

That is absolutely unreasonable in my opinion. Read the column. The headline is an accurate and succinct summary of what Romney wrote -- and for all we know, he could have written it himself.

Do writers pen their own headlines? Sometimes, but not frequently. That doesn't matter to me in this context. It's my judgment that it's perfectly acceptable used in this way.