In my world, there aren't many tweeners when it comes to whether I write a correction or not. If it's wrong, it's wrong. This is an exception.

An emailer points out an inaccuracy in a cartoon in today's 913 news magazine:

You need to issue Johnson County an apology for the cartoon run in the 913 section today. There is no county-run Drivers License Renewal office. All drivers license offices are run by the state, and poorly if I say so myself. The county runs the title and tag office.

As you can see, the cartoon shows a woman working at a desk in front of a "JoCo Driver's License Renewal" sign. My emailer is correct that the state runs these offices. On the other hand, even the state identifies them by county, one of which is the Johnson County office.

I think you run the risk of making corrections seem trivial when they get down to things like this sometimes. It's my inclination to allow for artistic license in this case, especially since the wording on the sign is obviously cartoonist's shorthand. And of course, you're free to disagree with that call.