An observation from a reader who found the level of detail in a story about an arrest made in the arrest of a Colorado inmate on a local cold rape case:

I hope none of (The Star's editors) ever have a mother/grandmother who is raped and sodomized with a rolling pin - and then have to read about the details in the paper and know that she is also reading them. As I have asked in the past, who needs to know all that and how can The Star get any sleazier?

I've often heard from readers who tell me the line between informing the public and sensationalizing has been crossed in describing the often sordid or repulsive details of crimes. I understand that fully. But on the other hand, explaining the severity of the charges can also help people evaluate the outcome of any trial, which you could argue is in the public's interest. This is another one of those subjective calls where I get both points of view.