I just got this email from a reader:

"What's wrong with you people? Biggest story of the week and you have no mention of it anywhere. I mean D. Trump's offer of 5 million to Obama's charity (of choice) if he releases certain records."

He's of course referring to Trump's "offer" (sorry, but I'm calling it a publicity stunt) to donate $5 million to a charity of the president's choice if he'll release his college and passport records by the end of October.

Trump made his announcement Wednesday afternoon, where it was met with almost universal derision.

Did it belong in the print edition? It certainly did get a lot of attention. If I were the person who wrote "The Buzz," the Sunday column that looks at the silly and stupid stories trending in the political world, I think that's where I'd park it. But yes, I also agree it probably merited a mention in Thursday's paper as well -- as a brief.