A question from an emailer about the print edition from Tuesday:

I have two Kansas City Star newspapers from Tues. Oct. 23, 2012. The headlines are different on the front page sections. One headline says "Debating Diplomacy" and the other says "Romney, Obama Spar". Why is that?

The headlines discrepancy makes me wonder if the Kansas City Star was attempting to paint Mr. Romney as a bully to the President with the latter headline.

I am going to share this with others to see what their opinion is of your choice to run two different headlines.

There's nothing unusual about a headline changing at all. It's seen most often on stories about news events that happen late in the evening, and especially on stories about late sports games.

Here, I'm betting the editors and designers working on the page simply found "Debating Diplomacy" (the latter of the two) catchier and pithier.

As to this reader's question about the "spar" version depicting Romney as a bully, I guess that's subjective -- but it does apply the verb to both men. I frankly don't think everyone would agree on this.