An emailer who mostly objected to the content of Gail Collins' column on the second presidential debate shared several of her fair, but subjective points about Collins' opinion. The column ran in The Star's print edition on Sunday, and before that in The New York Times.

But one detail my emailer pointed out isn't subjective. She says The Times' first transcript of the debate quoted Mitt Romney as saying, "I went to a number of women's groups ... and I brought us whole binders full of women." That's what the Collins column still on The Times' website and as it appeared in The Star said.

However, that's clearly not the line. My emailer pointed out that The Times corrected a transcript from the Federal News Service that contained the error, which is true. Check the bottom of the page here.

It's correct elsewhere on The Times' site. But Collins' column still stands with the inaccuracy. I'll point it out to the public editor there.

Minor? I suppose switching one pronoun could be classified that way. But since Romney took so much criticism for the line -- and especially because it's nonsensical with the error -- I think it rises to the level of requiring a correction in print tomorrow.