A reader was quite frustrated when a search of KansasCity.com for an opinion column he'd read in print came up empty.

"There's just way too much stuff on your website," he said. "I bet I've been searching for ten minutes and I just can't find a trace of this bit."

I know why he was frustrated. I not infrequently hear from readers who don't like that KansasCity.com isn't organized like the print edition. I'll tell you frankly that this is on purpose, as editors approach the two platforms with entirely different strategies, and they attract widely different audiences. But again, I know it can be confusing.

In this particular case, the media company that distributes column he was looking for doesn't allow KansasCity.com to post its materials at all. However, there's always the E-Star, which is an exact facsimile of the print edition, and is free to print subscribers. But no, that's not as convenient for everyone, I know.