I've spoken to multiple callers today who expressed annoyance that the paper doesn't make mention of Columbus Day, except for a reference in one letter to the editor.

One caller explained why it's important:

"Even if you don't think about honoring the day as a holiday, what about people like me, who didn't realize the post offices are closed? I wasted a trip, when my Star should have told me."

Another caller asked if KCMO trash collection is on holiday schedules this week. (It isn't -- it's a regular week to them. I'm not sure about the many other municipalities and private collection companies, though.)

As I've written before, I understand these complaints very well. We all know and expect holiday schedules from government services on the biggies. Nobody would ever wonder if Christmas means late trash. But it's the less-major holidays that make people wonder. An info box would be a big help in these situations.