Print readers have bemoaned the fact for many years that publishes vastly more content than the print edition of The Kansas City Star. "It makes me mad every time I see something that says go to dot-com-whatever, when I'm taking the paper because I want to read the news," said one caller this morning.

Sometimes, though, it goes in the other direction. Case in point: Another caller yesterday couldn't find the column in that day's Star Business Weekly by Jesse Eisinger or ProPublica and The New York Times. Was it omitted by accident?

No -- it wasn't online because the rights to carry commentaries from other publications such as this vary from print to online. You can read it at ProPublica's site, though. This arrangement is common for a variety of items generated by those not on The Star's staff. Sometimes this print-only content makes it online inadvertently, and I always make sure to remove it if someone alerts me to a problem.