Callers in recent days have asked why The Star and seem to have dropped the ball on news about two people in the news in recent months.

Late last summer, Mayor Sly James' son Kyle C. James turned himself in to police, where he was booked and charged with assault for a disturbance in the Westport area.

And former president of the Kansas City University of Medicine and Bioscience Karen Pletz was found dead in Florida in November of last year. She had been charged with 24 counts by a federal grand jury, including charges of embezzlement.

So why no coverage of the outcome of these cases, wondered the readers? What happened at James' court date, and what was the cause of Pletz' death?

In both cases, there hasn't been a resolution yet. James' trial has been pushed back, as often happens in municipal court. And the medical examiner hasn't yet issued a report on Pletz.

Both stories are newsworthy. With James, that's obvious. And even though The Star doesn't generally report on most deaths, Pletz was a public figure about whom interest was high in many circles. I'd say the results of the examiner's report rise to the level of news.

The Metro desk tells me it's following both stories. But I agree with the caller who asked about Pletz, who said it would be worth a brief update, even if it's to say, "Nothing new yet."