A question came up from an emailer this morning: "If stories are online, are they in the print edition also?"

There are several elements to the answer, though the short version is easy. That's a definite no.

The beauty of KansasCity.com and its sub-sites and blogs is that there are no limitations of space as there is in the dead-tree world. That means stories and columns that require trims to fit on the printed page can run to whatever length the editor working on them desires. Same with photographs. Where the physical edition demands a tough choice between two equally good shots, the website allows as many as the journalists wish to publish.

Literally thousands of stories run on KansasCity.com in a month without appearing in print. Many of these are from the wire services, though it's not uncommon for a Star staff story to run online only as well. You'll especially see this with incremental updates of long-running topics.

However, there are also some complexities when you're looking at the other direction. Everything from Star staffers that runs in print should go to the site, but there are many syndicated items that The Star has the rights to reproduce only in the paper. For example, the 7-Day Menu Planner has its own site, and The Star can't post its content on KansasCity.com, even though it runs in the paper's Food section on Wednesdays.

Remember, though, that print subscribers have free access to E-Star, the electronic facsimile edition of the print paper. It gives you a full-page reproduction on your computer of everything that appears in print. That includes all the features KansasCity.com can't post as separate webpages, including the crossword puzzles, all comics, and so on. And yes, it's printable too.