This emailer articulates a position that I think has great merit, and he does so extremely well:

"(I) would like you to know about my concern of the Star's and other local media's coverage of Wild Bill Stanton in the Lisa Irwin case. I doubt I'm the first or the last person to complain to you about him, but I feel he brings a complete and total circus show to the Irwin investigation. In fact, I feel like his presence is devolving the investigation into South Park episode.

Specifically, my complaint is that, at this point, any additional coverage of Stanton serves to gratify if not validate him. I agree that his initial arrival to KC was newsworthy, as well as the mystery about who's actually paying his tab (Mary Sanchez's column was spot-on), but from here on out, I feel like there's no longer a substantive reason to include him in media coverage. As they say, "he's famous for being famous." Why make it any worse?