Well, it looks like news events overtook the question I posed yesterday. And so now I can obviously fill in the blanks.

A blogger had made the allegation that Overland Park state Sen. Tim Owens had faked three bronze stars that have been part of his official biography for years. One of The Star's reporters checked this information out with a Freedom of Information Act request, and discovered the stars were indeed genuine.

Today, Owens took the accusation public, disproving it by displaying his citations. And so it's no longer a journalistic question as to whether to write about it or not. It's news from the horse's mouth, so to speak, and I think it's appropriate to cover it, at least on the Prime Buzz blog. Whether it rises to the level of an item in the print edition is another question (and one I'd probably give a "no" to if I were the editor making those choices -- it simply isn't big enough news to say, "A blogger with a very limited audience made a scurrilous accusation and was smacked down.").