A caller this morning asked for a correction to a piece on today's op/ed page that referred to the "clip" of ammunition accused Arizona shooter Jared Loughner used in his gun.

"A clip isn't the same thing as a magazine, but the media never gets it right," said the caller. "I was in the military, so I should know."

I don't normally like to bring up readers' concerns just to point out they're wrong, but this one is so common that I think it's worth a mention. Yes, some people debate this. That doesn't mean it's actually debatable.

According to the National Rifle Association's own firearms glossary:

"Semantic wars have been fought over the word, with some insisting it is not a synonym for 'detachable magazine.' For 80 years, however, it has been so used by manufacturers and the military. There is no argument that it can also mean a separate device for holding and transferring a group of cartridges to a fixed or detachable magazine or as a device inserted with cartridges into the mechanism of a firearm becoming, in effect, part of that mechanism."

There are lots of self-proclaimed experts on firearms. However, I'm going with the word of the leading national group that makes them its main order of business.