Two readers today called to object to the front page of the print edition's featuring suspected Arizona shooter Jared Loughner's booking mugshot on the front page.

"It really tears my heart to see him out there," said one, "because it shows that he's proud of what he did." In the photo, Loughner is smiling.

Mugshots are often controversial with readers. On one hand, they're public documents, and many people believe the public has the right to see people charged with crimes. On the other hand, I also understand those who don't even want to see those responsible for heinous acts. This is where some would argue showing photos "glamorizes" the perpetrators.

In browsing through other papers' front pages on Newseum, I see a wide variety of approaches, and many papers didn't use the shot at all. Some, like the New York Times, played it very big at the top of the page -- something I'm sure my callers would object to strongly.